The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed news in Queensland that the LNP may consider enshrining the rights of unborn babies killed in violent incidents in their party platform for the next election.

Last year, more than 113,000 Queenslanders signed a petition calling on the Government to introduce tougher penalties against people who commit criminal acts that result in the death of unborn children.

The LNP is considering what is known as Sophie’s Law, in honour of Sophie, who in 2014 was killed just one week before birth when the car her mother, Sarah Milosevic, was driving was hit by a speeding drunk driver.

“It is clear that in Queensland there is a real appetite to introduce laws recognising the death of the unborn in violent situations,” ACL Queensland director, Wendy Francis, said.

“Since receiving the petition in February 2016 the Government has remained silent on this issue.

“The ACL calls on the Labor Government and the LNP to support Sophie’s Law and provide much needed encouragement for mothers who are grieving the loss of their unborn child through violent acts.

“This would also mean that unborn babies killed through domestic violence would be recognised as having personhood under the law.”

In 2013, similar legislation, known as Zoe’s Law, passed the New South Wales lower house but failed to get support in the upper house.

“The ACL commends Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss for taking up the concerns not only of Sarah and Peter Milosevic but also the many others who have lost their unborn babies through violent acts,” Ms Francis said.

“We encourage the LNP, and all other political parties to make this part of their upcoming election platform.”