Last Sunday, ACL ran a mammoth Meet Your Candidates Forum for the electorates of Capalaba, Chatsworth, Cleveland, Greenslopes, Lytton and Mansfield. The spacious venue at Gateway Church Carindale was packed with interested locals who turned up to hear the candidates and quiz them on big issues.

All sitting members attended as well as two Greens, one Family First and two Independent candidates. Unfortunately no ALP members accepted our invitation.

Key issues were equal opportunity in education, educational facilities, housing affordability, domestic violence strategy, public transport, the cost of living, health funding, remote services, support for volunteer organisations and casinos.

One question was submitted in regard to Queensland’s abortion laws.

In 2008, the then Victorian Labor Government changed abortion laws, removing any protections for the unborn, such that now any baby can be aborted for any reason up unto the point of birth. Tasmania under Labor has also introduced similar legislation. The Queensland ALP Policy platform as shown on their webpage shows intent to introduce similar legislation in Queensland.  As many of us consider this legislation to be barbaric, especially with regard to late term babies, please indicate how you would vote should such a bill be introduced to the Queensland parliament?

10 of the candidates answered that they would vote no. Independent candidate Jarrod Wirth from Mansfield was indecisive.

Similarly, in response to a similar question in the ACL questionnaire to parties, the ALP answered that they have no intention to change the existing legislative provisions.

This is an example of how important these forums and questionnaires are. They allow the voters to keep our politicians accountable as we at ACL seek to promote Godly values in our parliaments.