28 April 2016

The QLD Government has thumbed its nose at community concerns surrounding the controversial so-called Safe Schools program, refusing to release the names of schools that have signed up to teach children that their gender is fluid.

Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson Wendy Francis said the Federal Government should immediately defund and pull the program out of schools as the Queensland Government and other state governments ignore the Federal Government's directive to clean up the program and ensure parents were made aware of which schools were part of the program.

On Tuesday, the Australian Christian Lobby was informed by the Queensland Department of Education and Training that its Right to Information request for the names of the schools had been denied, despite more than 11,000 Queenslanders signing an epetition calling for the school names to be released.

The ACL has been told it must still pay a $347 processing fee for the Right to Information request, even though no information was released.

ACL QLD Director Wendy Francis said the decision to keeping secret the list of schools was troubling particularly as the demands by the Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham to alter the program were being ignored.

“The ideologues at La Trobe University in Melbourne who are behind this and other programs that are sexualising children are making a laughing stock of Mr Birmingham and his review recommendations,” Ms Francis said.

“The Safe Schools program still points students to resources that Minister Birmingham said had to be removed,” Ms Francis said.

“The “Stand Out” official resource continues to encourage students to find ways to get around firewalls designed to protect children from accessing harmful adult content.

“The Safe Schools Coalition program also includes a role-playing exercise in which 11- and 12-year-olds are encouraged to put themselves in the boots of a young person dating a same-sex partner.

“Of Queensland’s 31 ‘safe schools’, four are primary and seven are combined primary and high schools. This contradicts Minister Birmingham’s directive to not allow the program in primary schools.”

Ms Francis said recent media reporting has revealed an increased focus on sexualising children from four years old by programs also emanating from La Trobe University in Melbourne.

La Trobe University, which authored the Safe Schools program is also behind the Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships which asks students as young as 12 graphic sex and masturbation questions.

“It is clear that the directive from Minister Birmingham is being ignored and that the Minister has implemented no steps to ensure that the Safe Schools program is changed,” Ms Francis said.

“Minister Birmingham should immediately reign in the social deconstructionists at La Trobe and remove and defund the Safe Schools program.

“No child should be bullied at school for any reason. But keeping kids safe from bullying should not require inducting the rest of the school into contested gender theory which could put children on a path to irreversible and controversial body altering practices.

“It is time for the Federal and state governments to pay closer attention to the sexualising of children that is going on under the guise of anti-bullying and relationships programs in school.

“The minister really should be requiring Commonwealth money to be focused on improving literacy and numeracy standards, not indoctrinating children in gender theory and allowing their innocence to be taken away.”


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