17 February 2016

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes calls by QLD LNP shadow education minister Tim Mander for an urgent review of Safe Schools and its Minus 18-endorsed material and is calling on other states to also investigate the age-inappropriate program.

Mr Mander issued a statement yesterday expressing concern that the program purports to be an anti-bullying program but has been hijacked by activists.

He has requested the State’s education minister Kate Jones to hold a review into the program, which provides sexually explicit and age-inappropriate material to children as young as 11.

Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson Wendy Francis said it was disappointing that Ms Jones has rejected a review and defends the program.

“Ms Jones has not addressed the fundamental concerns that exist around the program content, particularly in light of the age groups which it targets.

“Is it reasonable for 11-year-olds to be role playing in class where they are imagining that they are 16 and in a same-sex relationship?”

Ms Francis said no one wanted bullying in schools and no one would have an issue with Safe Schools if it really was an anti-bulling program.

“Ms Jones has missed the point. No one is saying that bullying is okay, but providing instructions for girls on chest-binding and boys on genital tucking or having boys in girls’ toilets has nothing to do with a bullying program.

“There are already many good bullying programs in place that deal with bullying in all its forms.”

Ms Francis said pressure was mounting federally and in other state parliaments as new evidence emerged of what was contained in Safe Schools.

She said she expected other state politicians to also take this up with their colleagues.

“We call on State Parliaments and the Federal Parliament to hold an urgent review into Safe Schools and to remove this harmful material immediately,” Ms Francis said.

“A thorough investigation must be undertaken to see how this has slipped into our school system.”


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