QLD Abortion Bill

The most dangerous abortion legislation in Australia

Queensland MP Rob Pyne has introduced a bill to remove abortion from our state's criminal code.

Mr Pyne's bill represents the most radical abortion legislation in Australia.  If it were to pass the Queensland parliament, our laws would be even more liberal than Victoria's.

10,000 abortions

It is misleading to suggest that abortions cannot be carried out legally in Queensland.

Queensland women can access abortions easily and do not even need a doctor’s referral if the abortion is done prior to 12 weeks gestation.

In 2014 more than 10,000 abortions were performed in Queensland which is on par with other Australian States.

Petition to the QLD Parliament

Help build the momentum against the proposed law.  Sign the petition to the Queensland Parliament calling on members to oppose what would become the most dangerous abortion laws in Australia.