We all recognise that porn is harmful, but what can we do to extricate ourselves from its heavy shadow? Ask Queensland – they’ve made a start.

Offensive slogans promoted on Wicked Camper vans will be forced off Queensland roads by new State Government legislation introduced this week.

According to Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director Wendy Francis, this will mean that vehicles such as the aptly named Wicked Campers, will no longer be able to be registered in Queensland if the messages on the vehicles contravene advertising standards.

“This is not the big answer, nor the end of Wicked Campers, but it’s a culture-changing step in the right direction that will remove degrading messages that vilify women from our roads.

“We’ve seen this week first hand results of a pornified society, with school boys targeting their female classmates in an Australian wide porn ring. It’s not surprising that this is happening, when we allow, and treat as normal, degrading and sexist advertising and slogans in our public spaces. 

“The Labor Government and, in particular, Attorney General D’Ath, is to be congratulated for this proactive step in fighting back against porn in public spaces.

“This is a great first step in taking on organisations that blatantly ignore community sentiment and rulings from the advertising standards watchdog,” Ms Francis said.

“Next we need to also have appropriate penalties in place for repeat offenders such as Honey Birdette who continue to ignore Australian Standards Bureau rulings.

“If we are truly concerned about men treating women badly, and gender equality, then women should not have to put up with objectifying advertising and messages.”


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