Queensland Primary Schools continue to take part in the so-called Safe Schools program against a Federal Government directive to remove the age-inappropriate sexualised program from children under 12 years old.

This is despite assurances from the State Government that it was complying with the instructions from Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham.

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director Wendy Francis said the Queensland Government was seeking to reassure the community it was doing the right thing by parents and operating schools in line with the Federal Government directive, yet this was clearly not the case.

In a letter sent to the ACL, Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones sought to appease the more than 11,000 Queenslanders who signed a petition calling for the program to be scrapped and for the release of the name of those schools that were signed up to the program.

“The Department of Education and Training has considered the findings and responses of the review and has noted that the recommendations align with what is already occurring in Queensland state schools,” Ms Jones writes.

Ms Francis said this clearly was not the case, when potentially one-third of the schools that are using the Safe Schools material in Queensland, overseen by the Safe Schools Coalition, were primary schools. 

The review by Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham includes, “requiring local programme managers to ensure the distribution and promotion of Safe Schools Coalition Australia programme materials is restricted to secondary school settings only.”

“Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has also made it clear on Alan Jones’ 2GB program that parental consent was essential,” Ms Francis said.

“Yet, in Queensland we have the situation where the Government refuses to release the names of the schools that take part.

Kate Jones stated in her response to 11,000 Queenslanders that “the Federal Government is responsible for funding the SSCA, they are best placed to undertake a review of the program.”

“Yet it is clear by the programing remaining in Queensland primary schools and impeding parental consent the directive from Minister Birmingham is being completely ignored by Minister Jones who has implemented no steps to ensure that the Safe Schools program is changed,” Ms Francis said.

“Queensland remains the only state which does not provide the names of the schools that are signed up. The Queensland Government continues to side with the Safe Schools Coalition, who oversee the program, while snubbing community concerns.

“The Queensland Government must heed the comments by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that parental consent to the so-called Safe Schools program was essential.

“If we say children should be safe at school then we need to remove this program.

“It is time for the Federal and state governments to stop sexualising our children and taking away their innocence.”


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