Advertising self-regulation has not delivered on community expectations and continues to expose children to sexualised outdoor advertising, a Queensland Parliamentary inquiry into outdoor advertising heard today.

Addressing the inquiry, Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson for the dignity of women and children, Wendy Francis, said it was clear the self-regulation advertising body was not effectively upholding community standards.

“The ACL supports any legislative or regulatory moves to increase the effectiveness of upholding community standards in advertising,” Ms Francis said.

“We oppose the current self-regulatory approach which continues to fail to adequately remove advertisements that vilify and demean women.

“I urge the government to consider the failure of the advertising industry to adequately self-regulate to a threshold that upholds community standards, and to look at stronger regulatory options.”

Ms Francis said it was clear that businesses such as Wicked Campers were ignoring calls by the Advertising Standards Board to remove offensive slogans from its hire vans.

“Wicked Campers has continually ignored the Advertising Standards Board directives with no consequence apart from free publicity,” Ms Francis said.

“It has taken the Queensland Government to introduce long overdue penalties for advertisers who are flouting ASB directives. Other advertising remains on display across Queensland despite been ruled against by the Advertising Standards Board.

“Additionally, the time it takes for offensive advertising to be removed is completely unacceptable.”

Ms Francis thanked the Queensland Government and the committee for showing leadership by considering the harm of sexualised outdoor advertising on children.

She said it was pleasing to see Tasmania and Victoria follow the Queensland Government’s lead in deregistering vehicles that contravene advertising standards.

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