The Queensland police force has been informed through a memo from senior management that it will be endorsing the rainbow political agenda.

The email memo informs officers that as part of a campaign organised by the Queensland Police Service LGBTI Support Network, the LGBT rainbow flag will be flown for the first time in front of police headquarters on Roma Street in Brisbane.

The flag will be flown on Tuesday 17 May as part of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

With the blessing of Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski staff are being urged to insert their photo and rank on purpose-designed posters to be displayed in work areas as a way of demonstrating they are onside with the new LGBT focus.

“This small display of support by you can have a significant positive impact on the members of your workplace, and within the wider community,” a memo sent to members of the police force says.

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland Director Wendy Francis said many officers who did not agree with rainbow politics would not feel free to express a different view at work.

“Police Commissioner Ian Stewart and Police Minister Bill Byrne should be wary of taking the police service into the political arena in such an overt way, particularly as Queensland and the rest of the nation considers the consequences of redefining marriage ahead of a plebiscite, should the coalition win the July 2 election,” Ms Francis said.

“Given the recent controversy with aspects of rainbow politics such as the so-called “Safe Schools” program, it would be prudent for the police force not to take sides or be seen to be urging its staff to engage in rainbow politics as it has done in this memo.

“Are the police endorsing the sexualisation of children and the idea promoted through Safe Schools and other rainbow sexual programs that their gender is fluid?”

Ms Francis said an officer’s view on contested sexual or gender ideology was not relevant to their role in the Police force and did not need to be on display to fellow officers.