The Queensland election is tomorrow, and it is a pivotal election in our State.

On the line is how we as a State will treat our most vulnerable – our children, our un-born babies, our sick and elderly. Truly we are choosing whether we will support wholeness and human dignity, or not. 

The polls are showing that it may be a narrow Labor victory with the LNP further behind so let’s look at some of their policies.

The ALP platform supports euthanasia legislation, abortion at any stage of pregnancy and radical gender sex education in our schools.

On the other hand, the LNP has promised to withdraw Safe Schools-type teaching from our schools, they will not change our current abortion legislation, and they oppose euthanasia legislation.

The differences are stark.

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With the change in electoral boundaries, the formation of new electorates and the introduction of compulsory preferential voting, all of the political pundits seem to be very unsure on how it will fall. And many of us who value life and dignity are holding their breath and praying hard. 

It would appear One Nation is going to have a major influence on the result.

And they have decided not to preference any sitting members above the other major party. If voters choose One Nation, and follow their How-To-Vote card religiously, they may find that they are voting for people and policies they personally disagree with. This could be the case with following any how-to-vote card so I would encourage everyone to get informed before you vote.

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 Pro-abortion organisation, Fair Agenda, has circulated a pledge for candidates to sign to support changing the law to allow for abortion up to birth. Over a quarter of candidates have signed this - nearly all Greens candidates, close to a quarter of ALP candidates including nine sitting members, one LNP candidate and some Independents. Tragically, this appears to have gone unnoticed and under the radar for most Queenslanders who, we know, oppose late term abortion.

Has your candidate signed for abortion to birth?

And just yesterday ALP Education Minister, Kate Jones, continues to tells Queenslanders that Safe Schools doesn’t exist in Queensland, but at the same time, the ALP platform commits to funding professional development, training and ongoing support for principals and teachers with regards to controversial gender theory for all students.

My prayer is that Queenslanders will consider carefully when they place those numbers in the boxes tomorrow, and that God will be gracious to us as a State and give us a Government that will care for the innocence of children, for the rights of the elderly and sick to live with dignity, and that will protect our unborn children – perhaps the most vulnerable of all.