23 July 2015

Teaching about ‘queer’ sex to primary school students is fine but the Clerk of the Queensland Parliament has banned ‘Safe Schools’ material from parliament’s e-petition website.

ACL’s spokesperson for the rights of children, Wendy Francis, said many parents would take the same view as the Clerk of the Parliament if they knew what the Safe Schools Coalition of Australia was allowed to teach their kids.

After nine Queensland schools took up the program, Ms Francis lodged a petition exposing some of the material.

Since Bill Shorten and Penny Wong launched the program during the caretaker period before the 2013 election, 361 schools nationwide have taken it up.

Incorporated into the original petition Ms Francis lodged with the Queensland Parliament was the following material from a ‘Safe Schools’ student resource.

“It may come as a surprise, but there is no strict definition for virginity, especially if you’re queer. Penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex, and certainly not the ultimate sex. If you ask me, virginity is whatever you think it is.”

(Source OMG I’m Queer Safe Schools student resource).

The Clerk of the Parliament censored this from the Queensland Parliament’s e-petition website because it contained “intemperate language”.

“I agree with the Clerk but like many parents and grandparents can’t understand why it is allowed to be taught to our children.”

Under the $8 million program, now funded by the Abbott Government, schools are also told to:

  • display prominent posters depicting same-sex relationships, transgenderism, bisexuality and intersexuality throughout the school grounds, and allow

  • children with transgender feelings to use the uniform, toilets and change rooms for the sex of their choice

ACL is calling on the Education Minister Christopher Pyne to immediately de-fund the program and for State Government’s to deny access to it in their schools.

“No one wants to see children bullied at school for any reason. But teaching radical sexual experimentation and encouraging gender confusion is not the way to do it,” Ms Francis said.

Many of the same people pushing “Safe Schools” were also behind the political push to redefine marriage in law.

“Many people are looking at the same-sex political agenda and are wondering where it is taking our society,” Ms Francis said.

“It seems this political agenda reaches far beyond so-called ‘equal love’ to the indoctrination of primary school children in sexual acts that most parents would want their children protected from.”

The censored version of Ms Francis’ e-petition is available here for people residents of Queensland to sign.