ACL is encouraging supporters to consider signing two Queensland petitions – one about Adult Entertainment Permits and the other about a new greyhound racing track which will promote gambling.

The first petition is sponsored by Trevor Watts MP, calling for a repeal of laws which prevent local government from having the authority to approve or restrict the location of Adult Entertainment Permits.

The petition, called Adult Entertainment Permits, was launched this week and is open for signatures for the next six months. It says “Your petitioners therefore request that once all probity and other necessary checks are completed by the CEO of the Office of Liquor Gaming Regulation, the authority is satisfied that the applicant is suitable, the democratically elected local government should have the final decision making autonomy and authority to accept or reject the location of an adult entertainment permit in their community.”

The second petition, Requesting the construction of the greyhound racing track at Logan be stopped, has nearly 1800 signatures. ACL is concerned about a venue which promotes gambling in a low socio economic area.

The petition says “The Logan region faces a number of challenges brought about by lower socioeconomic conditions and higher than (national) average unemployment rates. A venue which promotes gambling, in association with alcohol consumption, is not in the Logan community's best interest as the community already experiences amongst the highest rates of problem gambling in the state.”

Links to the petitions can be found here.