The Australian Christian Lobby has called on Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones to clarify confusion caused by departmental bureaucrats banning children from talking about Jesus in the playground.

ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis welcomed Ms Jones media statement yesterday saying kids were free to speak about Jesus and to exchange Christmas cards.

However, departmental directives in government reports telling principals to crack down on kids talking about Jesus have not been rescinded.

“It seems that bureaucrats have over-reached and I am glad the minister has recognised this. But parents, children and principals need clarity over the status of department reviews which take a hostile approach to Christianity.

“It is hard to understand what these unelected bureaucrats fear from children talking about Jesus, exchanging Christmas cards with nativity scenes and with Christmas decorations featuring angels.

“Whether people are Christian or not, most Australians would be surprised that governments are cracking down on Christianity in this heavy-handed way.

“It is telling that Islam and other religions have not been singled out by the bureaucrats,” Ms Francis said.