The Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O’Connor, is continuing the push for an R18+ computer game classification with his recent comments which could open the way for games containing extreme interactive violence and sex to be more readily available in Australia.

Currently these types of games are Refused Classification but, as the Minister has admitted, some have been wrongly classified and allowed into the MA15+ category.

Commercial gaming interests are pushing for the ban on R18+ to be lifted and Mr O’Connor wants this to occur when Censorship Ministers meet at the SCAG (Standing Committee of Attorneys General) in July.

ACL believes it would be counterproductive for SCAG to pre-empt the review of the broken National Classification Scheme which Mr O’Connor and the Attorney General, Robert McClelland, announced before Christmas.

ACL does not accept the argument that introducing an R18+ category for games would protect children as it would be naive to think that children would not get a hold of them.

All of the State and Territory Children’s Commissioners told a Government inquiry last year that the ban on an R18+ classification should remain.