For release: December 15, 2009

Jim Wallace Speaking

Any moves to introduce an R18+ classification for computer games would be harmful for children and should be strongly rejected, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) said today.

Commenting on the Federal Government’s release of a discussion paper on the topic, ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said it is difficult to understand how anyone could seriously advocate for excessively violent and sexual games to go on sale in Australia, at a time when newspapers are full of reports about too much violence in the community, particularly among young people.

“The introduction of such games into Australia would inevitably lead to some children playing and being influenced by these games - to the detriment of both their development and the wider society,” Mr Wallace said.

“The potential for violent interactive games to cause harm has only increased in recent years, as these games have become even more sophisticated and interactive,” he said.

“If any changes are to be made to the classification system it should only be to tighten up the MA15+ rating to ensure that games aren’t wrongly getting through in this category.”

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