For release: 18th February 2011

A South Australian Labor MP should be disendorsed by the Party for his intolerant remarks about people who support natural marriage.

Ian Hunter reportedly claimed that a failure to support the gay lobby's ambit claim to redefine marriage was akin to supporting the racist White Australia policy.

"This is just the latest example of intolerance from the gay marriage lobby," Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace said today.

"At a time when the Federal Government is reaffirming the virtues of multiculturalism, Mr Hunter labels as racists those who for religious and cultural reasons affirm marriage as between a man and a woman.

“Where is the evidence of tolerance and understanding of diversity which is so essential to multiculturalism?

"This attempt to bully natural marriage proponents out of the debate on gay marriage should not be tolerated by the Labor Party, which claims to support the religious and cultural values of all Australians."

Mr Wallace said Mr Hunter's attempt to silence debate follows the shutting down of debate on gay marriage at the Internet journal On Line Opinion after gay activists 'attacked' and 'intimidated' the owner, Graham Young, forcing the withdrawal of advertising from IBM and ANZ Bank after the site published just one pro-marriage article.

"The South Australian Premier Mike Rann must act to distance his Government from these statements," Mr Wallace said.

"It is appropriate to have a debate on gay marriage but it cannot be conducted in the atmosphere of intolerant rhetoric where emotive labels are too often used to suppress debate and intimidate people into silence," Mr Wallace said.