WARNING: Contains graphic content

With political activists relentlessly pursing change to the definition of marriage, many ordinary Australians are wondering what is on the other side of the rainbow flag.

Despite an air of inevitability, it is of course not a foregone conclusion that the law will change. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised a people’s vote or plebiscite after this year’s election.

But given the momentum rainbow ideology has amongst cultural, political and media elites, activists are already reaching into our daily lives on the assumption we are all on board.

Our children are now the soft target chosen by the LGBTI activists, who in the name of anti-bullying, are rolling out “Safe Schools” across the nation.

The Australian Christian Lobby has been working to expose what Safe Schools really is about on behalf of concerned parents around the nation. This week I wrote an opinion piece, published by the Herald Sun on this issue.

Don’t let the name fool you.  There’s nothing safe about the “Safe Schools Coalition”.

The Safe Schools-promoted Minus 18 website, funded by the Victorian Government and promoted by the program nationally, advises “7 ways to bind your chest” – a practice which it casually admits can kill.

“Because you are compressing tissue, it can cause damage and potentially even breakages to your ribs if done improperly, if things go wrong with your ribs, it has the potential to be lethal,” according to the Safe Schools-promoted material.

And boys who think they might be girls are advised to “tuck” their penises, a practice that can lead to infertility.

“Tucking sometimes involves a technique of placing the testicles back inside the pockets inside your abdomen that lie on either side of the penis. If it feels too weird, a tuck can still work without it. The next step is to pull the penis backwards, in-between your legs…”

The Safe Schools-promoted Minus 18 website goes on to affirm radical sexual experimentation and plays down the significance of sexually transmitted infections.

“So I done f…..d up. Literally. One Grindr hook-up gone wrong and that’s how I got myself some gonorrhoea.” It goes on to say “I’ve had friends who count their first time giving oral as their virginity” and “penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex, and certainly not the ‘ultimate’ sex.”

But this is where rainbow politics have taken our schools.

One woman who bravely spoke out against this incursion is Cella White, a mother of four from Frankston in Victoria.

She’s made news this week after the Herald Sun reported that she has withdrawn her children from the local government high school.

Frankston High, just like every school in Victoria, is being forced by the Andrews Government to sign up to a radical program called the “Safe Schools Coalition”.

It is not only in Victoria where “Safe Schools” is being rolled. Across the country around 500 schools have signed up and the list is growing.

Readers of Cella White’s story were overwhelming supportive of her move and condemned the encroachment of rainbow politics into the classroom. Of the 550-odd online comments relating to the story, almost all said the LGBTI activists and the Government had gone too far.

We believe that gender dysphoria is a serious issue and no child should be bullied for any reason. But Safe Schools goes way beyond that and is teaching radical gender theory. Of course this is deeply emotional for families where children are grappling with their sexuality or gender.

However, love, compassion and empathy along with truth telling and professional help should be the approach, not transgender ideology taught as dogma.

Of course most of us who are parents will be concerned about material like this. But to be told objecting might cause vulnerable young people to commit suicide is emotional blackmail. This should not be used to close down discussion.

When Cella White visited the Education Department to voice her concerns she was greeted by a giant rainbow flag rolled out of the door and onto the public footpath on Melbourne’s Treasury Place, like red carpet.

Since when do governments display on government buildings and in public walkways the symbols of political movements?

The programme has been funded by the Rudd/Abbott/Turnbull governments and is being rolled out across Australia to an increasing number of schools.  The Victorian Government has made the programme compulsory.

Email your state MP now and ask that this radical, ideologically driven programme be replaced with a more balanced approach to combat bullying.

Our schools should be safe for all students.