Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has fired the starter’s gun in the race for the July 2 election.

It will be one of the longest campaigns in Australia’s history.

This means we will have plenty of time to ensure voters make an informed choice – please keep an eye out for our material.

At stake is the future of marriage. So much flows from this. The rights of children to their mum and dad, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and what is taught to children at school about gay sex and gender all hangs in the balance at this election.

The Prime Minister and his Liberal–National Coalition is promising no more federal money for “Safe Schools”. They will let the people decide the future of marriage in a plebiscite.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has promised to scrap the plebiscite and legislate same-sex marriage within 100 days.

ACL has started a petition calling on Bill Shorten to support the plebiscite. If you haven’t already done so please sign and share. Since it was launched two days ago, 15,000 have already signed.

Mr Shorten and Labor are also committed to “Safe Schools” and its rainbow ideology which teaches children as young as four that their gender is fluid.

Mr Shorten and Labor have ruled out allowing any provisions for freedom of conscience for lay-people who disagree with same-sex marriage.

This is a policy that will result in many more people, like Archbishop Julian Porteous, being dragged before state-based anti-discrimination and human rights commissions.

ACL will also be campaigning hard on poker machine reform where both parties have become addicted to political donations from the predatory gambling industry.

We will also be seeking commitments from both sides to rebuild our gutted overseas aid budget.

ACL will be working hard to convince Labor to return to the centre on social policy and to get both sides to return to the centre on helping gambling victims and the world’s poor.

Stay tuned.