The Australian Christian Lobby today welcomed a Queensland Parliamentary Committee’s recommendation supporting legislation that will remove offensive advertising, like that promoted on many Wicked Camper vans, off state roads. 

In its report, the Transportation and Utilities Committee said it supported the passing of a bill enabling Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads to cancel the registration of vehicles with offensive slogans or advertisements that contravene advertising standards.

ACL Queensland director, Wendy Francis, said while the committee should be commended for its stance, the failure of the advertising industry to adequately self-regulate, still needed to be addressed.

“This is a stark reminder that the Advertising Standards Board has no enforcement mechanism of its own, and relies on government intervention to uphold community standards,” Ms Francis said.

“All state and federal governments have failed to address the bigger issue of offensive, sexual and often misogynist public advertising.”

Complaints about inappropriate outdoor advertising have been the focus of numerous past inquiries by Commonwealth and State parliaments yet community concerns continue to be ignored.

“Currently, when an advertiser ignores a breach ruling from the Advertising Standards Board there are no penalties and no enforcement options,” Ms Francis said.

“The advertiser can simply continue to advertise their offensive message to garner publicity.

“This is just not good enough. Our children are the ones who lose out.

“The system of self-regulation continues to fail the community. The onus is on state and federal governments to ensure an effective system is put in place with the authority to impose penalties on rouge advertisers.”  

The ACL will continue to lobby for all outdoor advertising to be G-rated, appropriate for children to view and free from sexualised images and messages.

Read Wendy Francis' statement to the inquiry here.


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