Redefining marriage and religious freedoms

If Australia votes Yes in the Marriage Postal Survey will you support faith-based organisations’ current right to, if they so choose, only employ or enrol those who share their ethos?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman People should be employed on their capacity to do the job conscientiously
Independent  Richard James I will support faith based organisations to employ or enrol those who share their ethos.
Independent  Hans Willink I’m not sure. Think about it. Surely it’s the role of religious schools to enrol anyone in the hope that one day they will come to share that ethos? Isn’t that what missionaries do?  I do not have a problem with Christian schools employing only Christians to be teachers, but for administrative and ancillary staff, being of another faith shouldn’t matter.
Liberal Party  James Walker It also follows that my support of religious freedom means that I don’t believe there should be changes to current employment rights of faith-based organisations..