19 October 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today called for Honey Birdette’s sexually exploitative shopfront imagery to be removed as promised a week ago.

ACL Spokesperson for women, Wendy Francis, said that the longer this imagery remains the more it will erode the public’s faith in the advertising watchdog whose warnings are ineffective and routinely ignored.

“This latest rejection of an ASB warning flies in the face of community standards in a busy shopping centre with a high volume of families and children who pass by every day.

“What do we tell our young girls who walk past these shops and don’t look like these unrealistic images?

“Or for that matter, what about our young boys? The objectification and sexualisation of women is known to have negative effects on the attitudes of boys.

“Public spaces need to be child friendly.

“This blatant objectification of women is a key contributing factor in family and domestic violence; it sets a bad example to girls and contributes to negative body image.”

In another recent case, the Australian Christian Lobby has been calling for the removal of a sexually exploitative billboard in Townsville which remains after the ASB confirmed a breach of guidelines over two years ago. (14th August 2013)

“The system is broken. The Advertising Standards Board has no power to enforce its own decisions.

“Sex sells, but we are selling out our children's innocence and women's dignity.

“We call on governments to introduce penalties for advertisers who refuse to abide by community standards,” Ms Francis said.