The suggestion that religion survives on “faith alone” and that it is not subjected to even the most elementary scrutiny or analysis, is especially problematic. It’s boringly obvious to point out the many great minds that do in fact believe and could hardly be thought of as foolishly naïve.

So writes Centre for Public Christianity Director Simon Smart on The Punch opinion website this week. Simon is replying to an earlier article by freelance writer Brendan Brown entitled ‘Why an atheist Prime Minister is better’.  Brendan Brown implies that a Prime Minister isn’t thinking rationally if he or she believes in God and that “rationality shouldn’t be an optional quality in a Prime Minister”.

Simon Smart’s response is well worth a read. Among other things, he points out that Brown’s article is really just ‘New Atheist shtick’ and that the writer is “wrong to think that religious faith is always evidence of leaving one’s brain at the door”. Click here to read Simon’s article.