Religious Freedom

Do you support faith-based organisations’ current right to, if they so choose, restrict employment or enrolment to those who share their ethos, just like political parties do?


Labor Party Position: No Labor members have answered the questionnaire.


SA Best Position - The party platform says:

People of religious faith should be able to practice their religion without persecution. This important right carries with it the mutual obligation to respect other faith-based beliefs (and those who do not believe) and not incite violence or discriminatory behaviour, or harass or use coercion tactics.

What needs to be done:

We should look at implementing French laws giving protection to the vulnerable for psychological coercion

There needs to be ongoing multi-faith dialogue to encourage tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others


The Greens Position:

No SA Greens candidate has answered the questionnaire. The Federal Greens policy is to end exemptions for religious groups: See