Every person in Australia will be asked a question on Census night, Tuesday August 9th. Question 19 on the census reads "what is the person's religion", and options are given for major Christian denominations and other major faith groups. How should you complete this section and why is it important that all Christians complete it correctly and do not leave it blank?

If you identify with one of the groups listed, such as Anglican, Catholic or Baptist for example, it is simple, just mark that box.  If you are part of a group or denomination not listed, than you should take the time to put details in the "other" section . If part of the Pentecostal movement you should write that, or if you are with an independent church or are unsure of the correct 'title' of your group, just write "Christian" in the section.

Why is it important? While the census data is rightly used to assist the government to plan for services and infrastructure, other groups, including some atheists, are seeking to push their  agendas by encouraging people to leave the form blank.  Not every person who holds judeo-Christian values attends a church, but if enough of them leave this section blank, some will use this to minimize the importance of basic Christian values in this country.  We need to prove the size of the constituency who hold these values.

So, please do not leave this question blank, encourage those you know to at least put 'Christian' in answer to question 19 on Tuesday night.