Have you ever pulled up at a set of traffic lights with the kids in the car and promptly noticed a sexualised billboard that you just hope your kids aren’t looking at?

All outdoor advertising, no matter the location, should be appropriate for viewing by children and should be free from sexualised images and inappropriate messages.

Wicked Campers, which has made headlines for its notorious sexualised and offensive slogans a number of times, recently provoked new legislation by the Queensland Government.

The Transport Operations (Road Use Management) (Offensive Advertising) Amendment Bill 2016, currently before a parliamentary committee, is set to address the issue of offensive advertising on Queensland registered vehicles by allowing the Department of Transport and Main Roads to cancel a vehicle’s registration if it fails to comply with determinations by the Advertising Standards Board.

Wendy Francis, ACL spokesperson on the dignity of women, has spoken out many times about the slogans of Wicked Campers and other offensive advertising material calling for stronger regulation of advertising.  

On November 30, Ms Francis addressed the committee.

The ACL believes that the self-regulatory approach of the industry is failing to uphold community standards around sex, sexuality, and nudity.

Ideas for stronger regulation of advertising put forward by the ACL include: stronger codes of ethics to a ‘G’ rating standard, fines for breaches of the codes, and putting the best interests of the child first.

While the ACL would like to see measures that go further and apply to the entire industry, it does support the legislation, indicating to the committee that it will back any move that would increase the effectiveness of the current system.

You can read ACL’s submission to the Queensland parliamentary committee here.