Rescue worker Linda Watson has come forward this week sharing how she's received abuse about speaking out about the WA Prostitution Bill.

Ms Watson left the sex industry in 1997 and has since established a Linda's House of Hope in Perth to counsel and help hundreds of girls.

But since speaking out about the harm in legalising the sex trade, she's encountered abuse.

"Since the Prostitution Bill was introduced on 3 November, I’ve been getting harassing phone calls at all hours of the day and night. Some are silent – no one speaks. Others play funeral music. The message is, ‘You’re dead!’" she said.

"Then on the weekend, I started getting calls from a guy in the Philippines claiming to be a Catholic bishop. But he said things no bishop would ever say, and he said ‘We know all about you. We know where you are!’ He kept phoning me on all my numbers, menacing me, day and night. It’s been suggested that he could be a sex trafficker," she said.

“I invite WA MPs who are thinking of voting for this bill to come and talk to me and find out what really goes on in the WA sex industry,” Ms Watson said.

“These crims who have been breaking the law for so many years are not suddenly going to sprout haloes if the law changes!”

For more information about the WA Prostitution Bill, see the Make A Stand "Women are worth more" campaign.