Our military should be above politics

What sort of message does it send when our armed forces march in political rallies?

For over a century, Australia’s armed forces have been above politics.

The men and women charged with protecting our freedoms have not been allowed to participate in our political debates while in uniform.

There’s good reason for this.  You don’t need to look too far abroad to see what happens when the military involves itself in political affairs.

It’s a rule that’s taken very seriously by our military.

But even this most basic protection of our freedoms is too much for LGBTI activists in our military who not only allowed defence personnel to march in uniform.

The Mardi Gras is about the most politically charged march in Australia and our defence force ought to be above politics.


Rainbow Rising Sun Badge

The Rising Sun Badge is one of our most sacred national emblems.

But now a special rainbow Rising Sun Badge was commissioned to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Our national symbols are protected by legislation against modification.

The Rising Sun Badge has been worn by our soldiers for over 100 years and should not be co-opted into a political campaign like Mardi Gras.


The Army’s Double Standards

There’s a good reason why our armed forces ought to remain above politics.

However in recent years this rule has only been applied selectively.

Last year, Liberal MP and former SAS operator, Andrew Hastie was essentially forced out of the Army Reserve for using photos of himself in uniform in campaign material.

He’s not the first soldier-turned-candidate to face this problem and he paid a high price for his transgression.

But what’s most shocking, is the incredible double standard at play in our military.

In recent years members of our armed forces have asked permission to march in the Queensland pro-life March for the Babies while in uniform.

They were denied permission as it was deemed this was a political event.

Send a Message to the Defence Minister

By signing this petition today you will be sending a clear message to Defence Minister Marise Payne, the Defence Minister and our defence top brass that our military should remain above politics.

Please sign the petition today and share it with your friends and family.

20,000 signatures needed

Dear Marise Payne, Minister for Defence

All Australians are grateful for the skill, bravery and sacrifice of our defence personnel.

We are so fortunate to have such a professional and highly capable defence force protecting not just our physical safety but also our nation’s freedoms and values.

Minister, it is essential that our defence force remains above politics.

This has been a proud tradition of our military for over 100 years.

Minister Payne, your petitioners call for a reinstatement of the ban on members of the armed forces participating in political activities while in uniform.

Minister, millions of Australians are concerned about the consequences of the LGBTI political agenda.

We are concerned about how our freedoms will be protected if the Marriage Act is changed.

Marching in uniform shows incredible disrespect to the concerns of millions of Australians worried about the threats to their freedom if marriage is redefined.

We call on you to restore our military’s proud tradition of not involving itself in political affairs.