The AHPRA’s decision today to impose 25 restrictions on the medical registration of Dr Philip Nitschke is in the best interest of society and the protection of the vulnerable according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

In a media release accompanying the decision, AHPRA stated that it existed to “protect the public and manage risk to patients.”

ACL Managing Director, Lyle Shelton, congratulated the Regulator for upholding its purpose and said that the decision would provide some comfort to those who had lodged complaints against Dr Nitschke and Exit International.

But Mr Shelton said that more needs to be done.

“AHPRA are making it clear by this decision that assisting patients to commit suicide is an abuse of the role of a medical practitioner and must therefore be prevented.

“But there are more advocates in the suicide advocacy industry that preys on vulnerable lives.

“If it’s not appropriate for Dr Nitschke, then it is not appropriate for the other advocates.”

Mr Shelton cited recent revelations that 52 non-terminally ill sufferers of mental illness had procured Nembutal, a drug recommended by advocates like Dr Nitschke, and committed suicide.

“The examples of Belgium and the Netherlands should stand as a constant reminder to us all that Euthanasia cannot be made safe for the vulnerable in our communities” said Mr Shelton.

ACL joined calls from other organisations, including HOPE, for a full investigation into the work of Exit International and the suicide industry.