Last night SBS screened a new program entitled “Living with the Enemy”.

The first episode covered same-sex marriage.

An Anglican Minister, David Ould, from Macquarie Fields in western Sydney, participated by having a same-sex attracted couple live with him and his family for a few days.

He later spent a few days living with them.

The program featured the three interacting on a day to day basis, discussing their differences.

Michael and Gregory went to church with David. David went to their wedding in New Zealand and marched in Melbourne’s gay pride parade.

I was very impressed with David’s courage in stepping into this fraught debate and opening himself and his family up to the public’s gaze.

With grace and honesty, he held fast to Christian orthodoxy on sexual morals and marriage.

Michael and Gregory were not able to understand the Christian opposition to same-sex marriage and David was unable to agree to the moral basis of homosexuality and its claim on marriage.

Filmed in a way that puts the view as a “fly on the wall”, the conversations were sometimes difficult but good will on both sides was in-tact by the end.

I’m not saying all of the arguments were covered perfectly and we don’t know what ended up on the editing room floor.

But David showed what should be obvious to all of us as Christians. Holding to truth is not easy and it does open us up to misunderstanding and even vitriol. In short, there is usually a price to pay.

Nonetheless, the three finished the show with grace towards each other.

I think David has given us an insight into how Jesus would approach this most challenging of cultural debates.

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