The incredible story of the successful surgery on an unborn baby diagnosed with spina bifida in Brisbane’s Mater Hospital puts in the spotlight how some babies are afforded rights while others are being denied their rights.

We have this unusual situation where some babies are afforded everything humanly possible to be kept alive, whilst others are being left to die, says the Australian Christian Lobby. 

ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis said on the one hand we have a team of 40 doctors and nurses performing surgery on a 24-week-old in-utero baby.

“On the other hand, and in the same State, approximately 200 babies have been left to die in the past decade after surviving late term abortions,” Ms Francis said.

“The Rob Pyne Abortion Bill, which will remove all safeguards for mother and child, will only increase discrimination against babies with disabilities and very late-term viable baby abortions.

“Medical science is correcting disabilities within the womb and proving that babies are responding in the womb to things like music and pain much earlier than first thought,” Ms Francis said.

“There is something fundamentally wrong when babies the same age as this precious baby with spina bifida are being aborted in our hospitals. Even when they survive the abortion, nothing is being done to keep them alive.

“How can our politicians justify denying the humanity of these lives, and therefore their human rights?

“These babies are recognised by the law as human beings but yet are not consistently afforded the right to health care as other people are,” ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis said.

“Would we as a society leave anyone else to die as we do these young babies?

“What Mr Pyne is proposing is a bill which removes all restrictions and stories of babies gasping for air as they are left to die will become common place.

“Promises were made to not change the current abortion legislation by both the Liberal National Party and Labor Party prior to the last election. The parties must uphold their commitment and vote against this bill that will deliberately undermine the wellbeing of young Queenslanders and their parents.”


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