The Australian Christian Lobby is gravely concerned by revelations in the Daily Telegraph today that New South Wales teachers are being taught how to identify gender confused children and to support them through the transition process.   

“Of the one per cent of children who suffer from gender dysphoria over 80 per cent resolve to their natal sex during puberty. We cannot expect teachers, with no medical or psychological training to identify the 0.2 per cent of children that this will remain an issue for,” said Kieren Jackson, ACL’s state director.  

“As highlighted by Dr Whitehall, the transgender agenda is incredibly harmful to children and their physical and mental development, particularly when they begin taking puberty blockers and hormones.”  

“Considering we are facing a national epidemic with 42 per cent of 15-year old's failing to meet minimum national standards in maths and literacy, teachers should be more concerned about teaching children than transitioning them.”  

“Today I will be writing to the Education Minister Rob Stokes to raise this issue with him and urge him to consider more stringent management of educational courses for teachers which can negatively impact the wellbeing of children,” commented Mr Jackson.