An estimated 2 billion people worldwide watched the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton last April 29 2011. This shows that far from being a dated and out of fashion institution, marriage is still very much a form of relationship to which people aspire and celebrate.

Amidst the grand celebrations in London last Friday, the short and simple sermon from the Bishop of London provides perhaps the greatest message on the significance of marriage in contemporary times that could be taken from the day. He said:

“In a sense every wedding is a royal wedding with the bride and the groom as king and queen of creation, making a new life together so that life can flow through them into the future.

“William and Catherine, you have chosen to be married in the sight of a generous God who so loved the world that he gave himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

“And in the Spirit of this generous God, husband and wife are to give themselves to each another.”

The sermon is also available on YouTube here.