A child in the womb dances, smiles and hears our voices.

Yet…….The Greens in South Australia would like to deregulate abortion in this state, opening the door to unregulated terminations of pre-born babies all the way until birth.

Tammy Franks moved the Statutes Amendment (Abortion Law Reform) Bill 2018 last December. The depravity of the bill is expressed in a single tweet published by those pushing for the laws to change.

“new #abortion bill tabled in South #Australia: no qualifications, no upper time limits, no abortion-specific regulations at all”.
South Australian Abortion Action Coalition

This is truly tragic.

The effect of this Greens Bill, if passed, would be to ensure:

  • Pre-born babies may be terminated up to birth.
  • Abortions will not require any medical reason.
  • Coercion to abort will continue to rise.
  • Astonishingly, there will be no laws governing the ending of life for pre-born babies. It may even lead to non-medical practitioners being able to perform abortions.

Speak truth – Your action today will save lives

It is expected that these proposed laws will be debated in February, so your voice today is very important.

Abortion is an emotional issue because two lives, of the mother and the baby, are involved. Modern medical science regularly shows the beauty and the humanity of each baby in the womb. We know that:

  • By 29 weeks, pre-born babies’ muscles and lungs are getting ready to function outside the womb.
  • At 23 weeks, they have heard you and will likely recognise your voice.
  • Between 20–22 weeks they can feel pain and an abortion will be excruciating.
  • From about 22 weeks they are viable outside the womb.
  • At 14 weeks, brain activity has started.
  • From 10 weeks, tiny limbs can bend and fine details like nails are starting to form
  • At 5 weeks, the tiny heart will start to beat.

Lives are at stake - now is the time to act.

Please contact your Upper House Member of Parliament by using the text box below and share this page with your friends and family. 

Here are some helpful points you could consider in your email: 

  • To totally deregulate abortion and allowing non-medical practitioners to perform abortions is irresponsible.
  • Allowing abortion up to birth for any reason is inhumane.
  • Women need protection from abortion coercion.
  • Both women and pre-born babies are human with inherent human rights.
  • Science is on the side of life - we are the same person on the inside and out.

As always:

    1. Do not address the email 'Dear MPs name' - this will be added automatically to your MP.
    2. Be concise and respectful.