Your effort has been rewarded!

The Shine SA Safe Schools program ceases in SA State Schools from today, Friday July 13.

Remember this commitment from the now Education Minister before the last election.

The Marshall Liberal Government has now delivered on this election promise so please take a moment and congratulate them using by emailing them below.

ACL's Get the Word Out campaign in the last State election helped many people understanding the differences between their candidates and together we can hold our members of parliament to account.  

Our work is not yet done.

Under the last government, in November 2016,  the department of education implemented a number of mandatory policy and procedures which hardwired gender theory into our state schools.

It is critical these are removed to protect our children from the confusing and dangerous gender theory.

In your own words below consider the following:

  • The Marshall Liberal Government and Mr Gardner are congratulated for acting on the election promise to scrap the Shine SA Safe Schools program in State Schools;
  • Ask the government to now revoke the all DECD policies that are based on and promote radical gender theory. Such as;
  • Supporting same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students (24 November 2016),
  • Transgender and intersex student support  (November 2016).

When typing your message in the text box below, PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Do not add a salutation like 'Dear Premier', this is added automatically.
  2. Please be concise and respectful in your correspondence.
  3. Be encouraging, this is an issue many South Australians care deeply about.