Obscene slogans on Wicked Campervans seen in Cairns with South Australian number plates shows SA needs to ban offensive images and slogans on vehicles says the Australian Christian Lobby.

In 2017 Queensland passed legislation to rid the roads of vehicles with discriminatory slogans. Unfortunately, their legislation can do nothing for vehicles registered in a different state.  

The ACL’s state director Christopher Brohier urges the government to consider implementing similar legislation to that passed in Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT which prohibits offensive messages on vehicles. 

“South Australia should join in the growing momentum to remove sexually explicit, offensive and discriminating messages from vehicles on roads. It would be wise also to consider imposing penalties for non-compliance to stop companies like Wicked Campers from just registering their vehicles in a different jurisdiction.” 

“It’s time we act on this blatant use of shock tactics which negatively impacts our community. If these explicit, offensive and discriminatory slogans are not allowed in three other states, why should we continue to allow them in South Australia?” commented Mr Brohier. 

The Australian Christian Lobby urges the government to consider implementing legislation similar to Queensland with the addition of penalties for non-compliance to remove these offensive slogans once and for all from SA roads.