The outcome of this election will reshape SA 

Has there ever been a more important election?

South Australia may be in a very different place after this election.  Whether it is the continual push for euthanasia, to liberalise prostitution or to continue funding radical gender theory programs which teach children incredibly confusing ideologies.

Your voice may make the difference this election, make your vote an informed one.

Let’s make ‘Safe Schools’ history

No kids should be bullied or made to feel unsafe in school, but that’s not what this program is.

It’s a radical gay sex and gender program masquerading as an anti-bullying program.


Election Update

what do the candidates stand for

What do your candidates in your electorate value?
Do you know where they stand on issues like Euthanasia, Abortion, teaching radical gender theory?

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Upper House    Lower House

Where do the parties stand?

We asked all parties to give their policy position on the issues facing SA this election.

For more on the issues such on euthanasia, abortion etc., click here>>

Meet Your Upper House Candidates

Given this uncertain election, the role of the Legislative Council will be crucial.

This is your invitation to meet with candidates for the Upper House and make up your own mind, don't miss out!

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