25 July 2015

The so-called ‘Safe Schools Coalition of Australia’ has removed some of its most harmful on-line sexual content available to primary and high schools in some states but retains it for Victorian schools.

A check of their website reveals that the $8 million Australian Government-funded SSCA has removed explicit references promoting homosexual sex which had been available in some primary and high schools.

The explicit material, which was this week banned by the Clerk of the Queensland Parliament from being displayed in an e-petition, remains on the ‘Safe Schools’ Victorian website.

The banned material said:

Penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex, and certainly not the ultimate sex. If you ask me, virginity is whatever you think it is. I’ve had friends who count their first time giving oral as their virginity (Source OMG I’m Queer page 10, paragraph 4).

Australian Christian Lobby child safety spokesperson Wendy Francis said the SSCA should explain whether or not it stands by the messaging deleted from their website with the exception of Victoria’s Safe Schools website.

“Have all printed copies of the deleted online material been recalled from children? Why is it still being promoted in Victoria if it was deemed inappropriate elsewhere? Does SSC stand by the messaging it has now deleted from some of its websites?

“No one wants to see children bullied at school for any reason but disguising the promotion of queer sexuality and gender theory as an anti-bullying program is not the way to do this,” Ms Francis said.

Other concerns with the program included:

  • SSC instructs teachers – “Whatever the subject, try to work out ways to integrate gender diversity and sexual diversity across your curriculum.” Source OMG My Friend’s Queer page 2 point 4

  • Children are taught that “Gender is how you feel in your mind”. “gender is a way of expressing yourself” and “What you label yourself is up to you. It’s the word that YOU feel suits you best.” Source OMG I’m Queer

  • Queer booklets are to be made “readily available in spaces such as the front office, the library and the common room” and schools are to display prominent posters depicting same-sex relationships, transgenderism, bisexuality and intersexuality. Source OMG My Friend’s Queer

  • Children with transgender feelings are to be allowed to use the uniform, toilets and change rooms for the sex of their choice. (Leading Australian feminist, Shelia Jefferies, is outspoken in her opposition to ‘transitioning’ boys being allowed to use girls’ toilets). Source http://www.sheilajeffreys.com/?p=141

  • ‘Safe Schools’ website resources say – “Discrimination is not allowed, even if your school discriminates without meaning to. An example of this might be not allowing a student to stay in a particular room at school camp.” Source Stand Out page 34

Ms Francis renewed ACL’s call for the Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne, to de-fund the Safe Schools Coalition.

“The Abbott Government should explain why it continues to fund this program launched by Bill Shorten and Penny Wong during Labor’s caretaker period prior to the 2013 election.

“Mr Shorten and Ms Wong are two of the nation’s most vocal advocates of same-sex marriage. Many people are worried about where the same-sex political agenda is taking our nation,” Ms Francis said.

The ‘Safe Schools’ program is operating in 363 primary and high schools across Australia and recently was taken up by nine in Queensland. All 1400 Victorian High Schools are compelled to take it.

A petition on the Queensland Parliament’s e-petition website calling on the State Government to deny access to the SSC has attracted more than 2000 signatures in one day.