Our voices have been heard. Today the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ordered a review into the so-called Safe Schools Coalition of Australia.

This is a great first step to getting this program de-funded and taken out of our schools.

Now no child should be bullied at school for any reason. But it is quite clear that the Safe Schools program goes beyond the purview of an anti-bullying program.

Today in Canberra, Coalition members raised the program in the Joint Party Room. This is because thousands of you have taken action, emailed parliamentarians or signed various petitions.

This is democracy in action and it works.

Since ACL’s Victorian Director Dan Flynn took concerned Frankston mum Cella White to be interviewed by the Herald Sun newspaper two weeks ago, there has been almost daily media coverage of Safe Schools. Our spokesperson on this issue, Wendy Francis, has done countless media interviews.

It follows almost 18 months of hard work by the entire ACL Team and other family groups to bring this matter to the public’s attention. I was in the Parliament today lobbying on Safe Schools when the news of Prime Minister’s decision reached me. We thank God for the outcome but know there is still work to do to see it defunded.

It would be terrific if we all sent a short message of thanks to the Prime Minister https://www.pm.gov.au/contact-your-pm for what he has done so far.

Without your help the ACL Team would not be able to have the sort of influence that brings about results like this.

Thanks and God bless,