A new report from the Australian Christian Lobby reveals how the Safe Schools program has resulted in bullying in schools for anyone who questions the LGBTI agenda.

The government is all alone in believing that Safe Schools was ever intended to reduce bullying. The co-founder of the program, Roz Ward, has stated that Safe Schools is not an anti-bullying program but about the promotion of sexual and gender diversity. It was written by activists with the express aim of transforming society. 

ACL’s report exposes the misleading ‘research’ claims used to win public support for a program. Rather than being grounded in solid research, the Safe Schools program is impelled by very powerful political drivers that aim to normalise sexual diversity while marginalizing heterosexuality.  To do this, Safe Schools teaches children queer theory - that ‘gender’ and ‘sex’ and ‘sexual orientation’ are separate, non-binary and often incongruent. We just can’t assume that boys will be boys and like girls. Where boys feel like girls, Safe Schools says schools must ‘affirm’ the chosen gender identity of the child. Parents only need to be told where they have shown support for the ‘transition’, otherwise ‘transitions’ can happen without parents’ knowledge. Schools must also change their uniforms, toilet arrangements, sporting teams and language to be ‘inclusive’ of transgender students.

Safe Schools encourages children to ‘come out’ as homosexual or bisexual even if they are not sure. ACL is concerned that vulnerable children are being used as pawns and cultivated as political activists in schools.

Children who disagree with these new understandings of sexuality and gender are exposed to humiliation and required to explain themselves. Teachers too are threatened with prosecution under new interpretations of ‘anti-discrimination’ if they don’t comply. While the government has affirmed that parents should have the capacity ‘opt out’, Safe Schools advocates for a whole of school approach, so the content is woven into every school subject. Parents can only ‘opt out’ of Safe Schools by removing their children from school completely.

Far from reducing bullying, Safe Schools has transformed the school environment by increasing intolerance for the traditional world views that heterosexuality and gender congruency are normal. Safe Schools never was intended to reduce bullying and it is ineffectual of the government to continue lamenting that this is what it ‘should be’. By allowing political interest groups to re-write school curriculum, the government has abandoned its responsibility to provide an education system that can accommodate the entire community. This is particularly troubling in a democracy, where what is taught in schools will so profoundly influence the next generation of voters.

The full text of ACL’s report can be viewed here.