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The Western Australian Government should immediately remove the so-called Safe Schools program in the wake of fresh revelations that parents are continuing to be sidelined in defiance of directives issued by the Turnbull Government.

Australian Christian Lobby WA Director Dahlia Messiha said Safe Schools was failing to comply with Federal Government requirements to ensure parents are fully informed about the program which teaches children that their gender is fluid.

“Parents are right to speak out after learning the Safe Schools Coalition was promoting the gender theory program to the board and staff of Halls Head College, in Perth’s south,” Ms Messiha said.

“In March, Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham made it clear that ongoing funding support for the program was dependent, among other things, on parents being properly consulted and given the right to withdraw their child from the program.”

Mr Birmingham issued the directive when parents spoke out after being left in the dark and in response to growing concerns that the program taught children that their gender is fluid and a social construct. 

“The states have had eight months to get this sorted and parents are still in the dark about the consent process,” WA State Director, Dahlia Messiha said.

“The WA government should act swiftly if they want to restore trust with parents.

“Ideally children should not be taught harmful gender theory but if the government is to persist with the program, ACL calls on the WA Government to ensure that a parental consent process is implemented before school starts in 2017,” Ms Messiha said.

The future of Safe Schools is shaping up as a major state election issue.

With voters going to the polls in March, WA Labor has committed to fund Safe Schools should it win the election despite the research underpinning the program being discredited by a number of sources, including by Sydney University Professor, Patrick Parkinson.  

“Parents have a right to decide what is best for their children, including in their education and it is deeply concerning that Safe Schools continues to clash with parents over this responsibility,” Ms Messiha said.

“One of the challenges of giving parents a choice to opt out of Safe Schools is that gender theory themes are laced throughout the curriculum and propagated through policies, posters and school assemblies.”

A report from the Australian Christian Lobby explains the ideological roots of the program and reveals how it’s implementation has led to children who question the program being bullied.