The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed the dumping of the controversial Safe Schools program in NSW in favour of a broad-based anti-bullying plan but warned more needed to be done to rid schools from other contested gender theory programs. 

Outlined in yesterday’s NSW Budget, the new anti-bullying program will cost $6 million and will not single out LGBT students for special attention but will focus on all types of bullying.

“No parents have ever disputed the need to ensure that their children can feel safe at school, but they did contest the need to teach children that their gender is fluid,” ACL NSW director Mark Makowiecki said.

“The ACL congratulates NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes for taking decisive steps to combat bullying in school while casting aside LGBT rainbow ideology that introduced adult concepts to children.”

Mr Makowiecki said this was a great step but more needed to be done to remove other programs containing highly contested gender theory in order to win back the trust of parents.

“ACL remains concerned that Safe Schools may be used in NSW at the school’s discretion and Department of Education guidelines still support transitioning of children in schools even without parental knowledge or consent.

“The ACL encourages the NSW Government to consider redrafting the NSW Department of Education and Communities Legal Issues Bulletin 55 (see page 5) that implies that teachers have a ‘mandatory’ duty to report parents who do not affirm their children changing their gender identity at schools,” he said.

“Legal Issues Bulletin 55 bears the same ideological hallmark as new law in Ontario, Canada, which threatens to take children from ‘abusive’ parents who do not agree with them changing their gender.”

In Canada, this has developed since their move to redefine marriage.

“If marriage is redefined in Australia, it will be impossible for a mum to stand up at her local P&C and voice concerns with gender fluid teaching at her local ‘Safe School’,” Mr Makowiecki said.

“This is why we need a plebiscite. The Australian people need to know all of the consequences of redefining marriage and then cast a vote in the privacy of the ballot box away from the intimidation of the rainbow political lobby.”

More than 35,000 people have so far signed an ACL petition calling for a People's Vote.