Media Release: Friday, June 22, 2007

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s report on same-sex entitlements should not be used by homosexual activists as a stalking horse to try to obtain gay marriage and related demands, according to the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace today said that ACL isn’t opposed to the removal of unreasonable discrimination for carers or cohabitants, including same-sex couples, such as in the allocation of their own finance and property.

“However, we would be very much opposed to any moves towards governmentendorsed formal relationships which mimic marriage,” Mr Wallace said.

“We would also not want to see any other moves made which would undermine the traditional definition of families, and therefore the strength of families as an institution, or jeopardise the best interests of the child.”

Mr Wallace said it is important that in seeking to remove any unreasonable discrimination in relation to financial matters and the like, the Government does not take action or use legislative mechanisms which might be seen to endorse same-sex relationships or give them a marriage-like status.

“Marriage is so important an institution as a model for relationships that it must not only be protected but should be advantaged,” Mr Wallace said.

Media Contact: Glynis Quinlan