The merciless persecution of tennis super-star Margaret Court is designed to do one thing and one thing only.

It is to make an example of her for the rest of us.

Voice out loud your concerns about redefining marriage and programs in schools which teach children their gender is fluid and you will be made a pariah.

And if you quote the Bible’s vision for marriage the punishment will be even more brutal.

If we keep on this track, it will be a hate crime to preach from Genesis 1:27, as I did last Sunday at the Gohyun Presbyterian Church in Geoje, South Korea.

Just a three hour KTX train ride to the north, it is illegal.

Could Australia go the same way, I wondered as I read out loud from the Bible how people were created male and female, in God’s image. That’s right folks, that hateful book the Bible teaches that gender is binary. Try reading this out loud at a “Safe School” near you.

It’s only a matter of time before “Safe-Schools”-prescribed crime of “misgendering” is written into our anti-discrimination law.

So arrest me now.

And did Pastor Court really say transgender kids were of the devil? I read this on so many news sites while I was travelling.

She did say the putting of thoughts into the minds of children that their gender was fluid came from the devil. That is something quite different.

Well here’s a news flash. Christian pastors believe in the devil. So do imams, by the way.

It is not an unusual thing for a Christian pastor to talk about spiritual things on Christian radio.

And are we no longer allowed to draw analogies from history as Court did when referring to the way totalitarian regimes of the past targeted young minds?

Isn’t “Safe Schools” founder Roz Ward a Marxist?

And when Kevin Rudd as Opposition Leader compared himself to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the famous Christian pastor who stood up to Hitler, was he labelling John Howard a Nazi? Of course not.

Unless you speak the language of fluent political correctness, you are no longer a fit and proper person to participate in public discourse. We must shut the bigots up.

The Margaret Court I know would never say a child is of the devil.

Martina Navratilova’s assertion that pastor Court was killing children is simply pernicious.

The idea that a boy can be a girl and that this should be affirmed in school toileting policy has come out of no-where.

Parents have been shocked by “Safe Schools” and it has been de-funded by the Turnbull Government, although it remains funded by several Labor state and territory governments.

The Prime Minister might not believe the thoughts put into children’s minds from “Safe Schools” come from the devil but he shared Pastor Court’s concerns enough to make sure not a cent more of Commonwealth money goes to it.

Why not demonise him?

Well they did actually, but it was not reported. When Turnbull ordered his review of “Safe Schools” last year, prominent gay activist Rodney Chiang Cruise took to Twitter to label Turnbull a c…

Some participants in this debate get a leave pass, it seems.

So as the cries for Court’s name to be stripped from the Melbourne Park tennis centre grew shriller and shriller, I was wondering why the silence as Emirates and Etihad logos have graced the Australian Open.

Someone should investigate what the Sheiks of the Gulf think about gay people.

And why is Qantas in partnership with Emirates given Alan Joyce’s moral crusade for same-sex marriage? (pictured above with Emirates President Tim Clark)

I guess courage fades as the ink dries on the code sharing agreement.

I can’t see Joyce’s rainbow jet flying into Medina any time soon.

This would all be laughable if it were not so serious.

Who would have thought Australia would come to this?

Joyce and his friends in the Senate who are blocking the government’s plebiscite election promise, want a vote in Parliament. Now.

They don’t want Australians to be talking about the consequences of abolishing the gender diversity requirement of the Marriage Act.

If someone like Margaret Court cops the shellacking she has, what message does this send to the concerned mum who wants to question the boys-in-girls’-toilet policy of her “Safe School”?

She is being made an example of in order to ensure that anyone else emboldened by her courage does not dare speak.

Never has there been so much pressure on ordinary Australians to keep silent.

The late Bill Leake’s Waffen SSM cartoon depicting goosestepping rainbow-shirted storm troopers comes to mind.

But Alan Joyce is right about one thing. This issue does need to be resolved.

Our side does not fear a people’s vote.

Sign now for a people's vote.