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Children & Family
Gay report shelved, say beyondblue ex-staff
Australia's depression charity restricted access to a key report into gay and lesbian mental health because staff were concerned about the views of the organisation's chairman Jeff Kennett, former employees - and the report's author - claim.

Call for two new ratings for children's content
New classification ratings proposed by the Australian Law Reform Commission yesterday could make it easier for parents to choose suitable films, television programs, computer games and online content for their children.

Voters would warm to Labor if it cuts carbon tax
A third of Australians would be more likely to vote Labor if the party dumped its controversial carbon tax, a new poll has found. The exclusive Galaxy poll, conducted for The Advertiser, shows the controversial carbon tax is dragging down the embattled Gillard Government.

Repeal dusty sections of Racial Discrimination Act
In 1981 the students union at James Cook University and the Townsville Treaty Committee convened a three-day event on the theme of land rights and the future of race relations. Henry Reynolds, a historian, wanted to defuse an argument about whether one of the speakers was, as he claimed, an Aborigine. He moved a motion: "This conference recognises that the prerequisite for Aboriginality is cultural loyalty and not any false 19th-century genetic theory."

Adrift at all levels, it's time for a change at the ALP
Remember how, in the lead-up to last year's federal election, it was generally accepted that the parlous condition of the Iemma-Rees-Keneally state Labor government in New South Wales was seriously hurting the federal ALP's prospects? Ditto Queensland, where the Bligh government had been losing support since its 2009 state election victory? The conventional wisdom was that poor or unpopular state Labor governments dragged down federal Labor's vote by several percentage points - a limited but still potentially decisive protest vote

Julian Burnside back-pedals furiously on Twitter slur
Prominent Queen's Counsel Julian Burnside has issued an apology to Tony Abbott after tweeting "Paedos in speedos" during a stream of critical remarks about the Opposition Leader on Twitter. Mr Burnside said last night he had not intended to suggest Mr Abbott was a pedophile and his Twitter gaffe was only meant to be a private reply to a "rather weak pun about church people".

The other side of Tony Abbott
From the progressive Left that loathes him to the right-wing free market lobby that distrusts him, Tony Abbott's political character as cautious, conservative and pragmatic remains the source of denial and alarm. Abbott has been the most misunderstood leader of a major political party for many years. Blunder after blunder has been perpetrated by his opponents because they have failed to see what is in front of their eyes, and what Abbott represents.

Slowing economy and competition from illegal outlets closing brothels in Queensland
Brothel-keepers have been doing it tough, according to the state's prostitution watchdog. The slowing economy and competition from illegal outlets reduced demand for sexual services at legal brothels in Queensland in 2010-11, with three establishments closing during the year.

Watch out: Porn sites targeting your Facebook timeline
Facebook has come under fire after it was revealed adult sites could show up in people's Facebook account timelines.