The Australian Christian Lobby has called on Government-funded TV stations SBS and the ABC to tighten access to its adult-only material following warnings that children were able to watch violence and sex scenes online.  

ACL spokesperson for children, Wendy Francis, implored SBS and the ABC to intensify its effort to protect children from harmful content.

“Children can use apps to watch inappropriate adult-only content that usually comes on after 9.30pm at night anytime of the day on smart TVs, tablets and phones,” Ms Francis said.

“Parents are understandably outraged that there appears to be little effort made to protect children from viewing content that can have damaging and lasting effects on their well-being such as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ available SBS On Demand or ABC iView’s ‘Best Songs to Have Sex To’.

“In this digital age, when children can operate devices from kindy age, it is incumbent upon all of us to be diligent in keeping children safe online.

“The Federal Government has a significant part to play in this area, especially in the distribution of content from taxpayer funded entities such as SBS and ABC.

“As mums and dads do their best to raise their children, the Federal Government needs to support their efforts by keeping children safe from harmful pornographic and violent content.”