School Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy provides invaluable support for students and is overwhelmingly supported by school principals, parents and school communities. Are you personally committed to maintaining the availability of chaplaincy in schools?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
 LNP  David Janetzki I am personally committed to chaplaincy in schools (my wife has served as a school chaplain). 
 FF  Alexandra Todd Yes
 KAP  Ken Elliott Whilst in general I do believe that the school Chaplaincy does offer support for students, I believe that it should be support by a majority the school community before implementation.  I am committed to the school chaplaincy program, I would still like to ensure that the school students have access to professional school counsellors.
 IND  Rob Berry  Declined to answer
 GRN  Ken Gover  Declined to answer
 IND  Di Thorley  Declined to answer