2 December 2015

With the international abortion industry under a cloud following revelations Planned Parenthood has been selling baby parts in the United States, the Australian Senate should today reject a pro-abortion motion put forward by the Greens senator Lee Rhiannon.

The Australian Christian Lobby says the motion to support the work of Marie Stopes, a global partner of Planned Parenthood, is particularly ill-timed and insensitive, as the abortion industry has yet to properly explain its practice of selling baby body parts.

“Five US congressional committees are investigating the selling of body parts by Planned Parenthood, the organisation at the centre of the scandal,” Mrs Francis said.

“The revelations that abortionists are cutting up babies and selling their body parts are particularly upsetting to the mothers who have used these services.

“It would be insensitive for the Senate to show its support to the abortion industry at a time when the US Congress is undertaking investigations. The Senate should be wary of the abortion industry until its practises have been investigated in Australia.”

Planned Parenthood International, who are at the centre of the scandal, are international partners of Marie Stopes.

Mrs Francis urged crossbenchers and the National, Liberal and Labor Parties to vote against the motion.

“At the very least the Labor Party should allow a conscience vote in order to respect those within the party who wish to uphold the human rights of the unborn child.

The ACL has previously called for parliament to investigate the Australian abortion industry.

“Given the Congressional investigation in the US, we call on the Australian Parliament to investigate this issue so that Australians can be assured that baby body parts are not being sold for medical research or other purposes,” Mrs Francis said.

“It is completely inappropriate for aborted babies to be used for any kind of research, it shouldn’t be happening and Australians need be assured that this is not happening here.

“In addition, the Australian government should immediately cease funding millions of dollars each year to organisations such as Marie Stopes and International Planned Parenthood until the abortionists have been investigated.”