For release: Thursday 10th February 2011

The release of a Senate report into the plight of donor conceived children raises serious issues about kids’ rights in the context of the gay marriage debate, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

“Arguments by some Australian proponents of same-sex marriage that donor-conceived children being raised by homosexual couples could be denied access to their biological parents flies in the face of the Senate’s unanimous recommendation that there be a prohibition on donor anonymity,” Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace said.

Overseas, Sir Elton John and his homosexual partner David Furnish have indicated their son will be denied knowledge of his genetic mother. (see article Who's the daddy? It could be either of us, says Elton John)

An Australian lesbian couple quoted recently in a national newspaper said the father of their son, whose sperm was selected after an online search of US donors, might never have his dad’s identity revealed to him.

The Senate recommended there be a ban on sourcing donor material from overseas. In its submission to the Senate Inquiry, the donor conception support group Tangled Webs said: “The desire to provide children for infertile couples does not override the child’s need for and right to this vital relationship with his or her genetic parents”.

Mr Wallace said the very slick campaign being run by gay activists about ‘equal love’ was ignoring the rights of children to experience the love of their biological parents.

“The equal love in marriage is not just two way – it is, in normal instances, across the biological links between parents and children.

There are many ethical dilemmas and consequences for children and society that are not being discussed in the gay lobby’s push to change the meaning of marriage.

“Part of the reason for this is the intimidation and attacks on forums for debate such as On Line Opinion which is now no longer covering the gay marriage debate after it was aggressively targeted by gay activists for publishing an article defending heterosexual marriage.

“Mr Wallace said ANZ bank and IBM are yet to explain why they acquiesced to the anti-free speech tactics of the gay lobby to withdraw their advertising from On Line Opinion.

“This has doubtless buoyed the homosexual activists, who now with ever increasing arrogance and clearly now seeing themselves above public reproach, have today claimed wrongly that IBM and ANZ withdrew their advertising because On Line Opinion’s article ‘called for homosexuals to be murdered in light of the same-sex marriage debate’,” Mr Wallace said. Click here for the link

The Senate Report can be found here.