Fear of being labelled a homophobe or bigot has largely silenced political debate on same-sex marriage.

Many politicians and other prominent people who defend marriage have not gone in to great depth in making the case for marriage, preferring to talk in general terms about ‘traditional marriage’ which doesn’t really cut through.

However, as activists seek to press their claim in the Parliament this year, the Liberal Senator for Tasmania, Eric Abetz delivered a persuasive and well-received speech to the Young Liberal Movement in Sydney recently.

Senator Abetz says "For 'better or for worse' is part of the deal when entering the marriage contract. There is no doubt that marriage has its 'better' and 'worse' moments for the two individuals in the marriage. There is also no doubt that marriage from society's point of view is overwhelmingly, if not totally, for 'the better'."

Continue to read the full speech here. You might like to contact Senator Abetz and thank him for his work .