Tasmanian Labor Senator Helen Polley recently delivered a speech on healthy body image to the Senate. It explored the government's need to place tighter regulations on digital enhancement of media images, and the importance of addressing the sexualisation of children and young people through highly sexualised advertising.

ACL has recently launched a renewed national campaign to make outdoor advertising G-rated, in a bid to see the removal of sexually explicit material being displayed in public areas.

You can read Senator Polley's speech below:

I put it to you, my parliamentary colleagues, that the mounting body of new evidence from Australia and overseas needs to be reviewed and considered with a view to introducing more realistic and enforceable regulation of the advertising industry. We need to decide as elected representatives what is more important for our society: that the advertising industry flourish unfettered, regardless of whose welfare they might be putting at risk, or that we show enough concern for younger members of our society at vulnerable stages of their development to examine the research and introduce legislation which protects their right to healthy development.

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